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"Easy recipes make
your life easier"

What are you having tonight?
You don't know?
How about checking out
these easy recipes?...

Sweet and sour pork with cashew nuts,
Easy crispy fried chicken,
Quick potato au Gratin,
Exotic hot & spicy salad or
Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo

Okay I'm getting pretty hungry myself now.
How does it sound to you? Yummy? Yes.
Difficult and time consuming? No..! It doesn't have to be.
Let me share a few tips that will allow you to:

  • create good unique dishes in no time.
  • save time to do other things like,
    talking on the phone or taking an afternoon nap.
  • learn various methods of cooking.
  • learn to create your own easy recipes.
  • become a famous chef among
    your friends and family..

Alright when you're ready take a look around
and have fun planning your next meal

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Easy beef recipes
Try our easy recipes for beef including Ground beef curry,
Beef cream stew, Grill beef spicy salad and many more to come.

Yummy and easy chicken recipes
How about some easy chicken recipes? Chicken is my all time
favorite meat. Why? because it's so easy and tasty.

Ideas for pork recipes
Wide range of pork recipes from Sweet and Sour Pork
with cashew Nuts, Pork Spare ribs in Honey Sauce
to Honey & mustard pork loin steak.

Nice and easy seafood recipes
If you love seafood like i do. Checking out our seafood recipes.
It's yummy,quick to prepare and healthy.

Low calorie and vegetarian recipes
Why skipping the meals? Cool-Recipes provides low calorie
and vegetarian recipes fresh from the garden and it is very simple.

Contact Us
If you have some questions or any comments. You can contact
us via the form or directly though our Email.

Food Links
Our partner and Interesting sites related to food.

Submit Your recipe
Have a cool recipe to share with the world. send it in
and We will post it on our web for you.

Food Games
See our collection of downloadable and
online games related to food

Here are cool recipes

Onigiri recipe
Japanese Rice balls

This Japanese rice balls or Onigiri recipe is
the smaller version of the original onigiri.
Normally people would make this in to bigger triangle or oval shapes. Then wrap them up in Seaweed.

Pork stir fry recipe
Garlic pork recipe

The aroma of the
fried garlic is superb.
It's super quick, easy and absolutely tasty
that You can cook and enjoy it in no time.


chinese soup recipe
Easy pork mince and tofu soup

It's perfect for a quick warm snack, a starter or even a main dish
If you have it with noodles or steam rice.


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