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Low calorie and vegetarian recipes

Life is short we should love each others and eat healthy with
low calorie and vegetarian recipes today!!

Want to eat healthy? how about some creative ideas
for low calorie and vegetarian recipes.
sounded Boring? We promise you it wouldn't be.

Tips for vegetable lover

  • Choosing the vegetables that are in the season,
    it'd be cheaper and better-tasting
  • Vegetables growing locally are fresher then the one that's been shipped. So ask your local market's staffs if there are any available.
  • Wash the vegetable in running water thoroughly even it needs peeling as the bacteria can transfer to the inside portion.
  • Store the vegetable in cool dry place. While the root vegetable can be kept for months and still as good as fresh, the leaf vegetable can not and should be eaten as soon as possible

We have a wide range of these easy vegetarian recipes
from famous Japanese rice ball snack to baked asparagus
with cheese and many more.
So step in and enjoy!

Vegetarian recipes

Baked asparagus with cream

Cold Soba with garlic sauce
Deep Fried Tofu snack

Garlic mash potato
Mini rice balls snack
Quick potato au Gratin
Spicy carrot and parsnip salad
Taro Spring rolls
Thai spring rolls

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