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Easy beef recipes

Red meat makes you feel good!!!

Gather around for some easy beef recipes.
Red meat give you so much energy and make you feel good.
No wonder why, beef is many people's favorite meat
(Including you and me!).

Here are some tips for beef lovers

  • The cattle, younger than 2 years old, provides the better-quality meat.
    While the older cattle's meat is tougher but more flavorful.
  • Little lines of fat in the cut make the meat more tender and flavorful.
    However if the fat are too much or too thick, they'll lower the grade of the cut.
  • Use the right cut for the right cooking methods eg;
    Grilling the Porterhouse steak and stewing the chunk meat.

I have variety of recipes from Grill beef spicy salad,
easy Pot roast to beef stroganoff and many more
easy beef recipes waiting for you to try.

Beef recipes

Beef BBQ ribs
Beef cream stew

Beef drunken noodles

Beef Korokke
Beef panang curry
Beef Stroganoff

Grill beef spicy salad
Ground beef curry
Pot roasted beef brisket
Garlic meat patties

For more fiery beef recipes
Visit the Chile Pepper Sauces.