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Easy chicken recipes

Chicken is the universal food and
you can have it anyway you want!

How about some easy chicken recipes?
Chicken is my all time favorite meat.
Why? because it's so easy to cook
and it's yummy.

You can have them roasted, grilled,
boiled, steamed, fried or anyway you like.
You can cook the whole bird
or use only some portions of it.

Here are some tips for chicken lovers

  • Always eat it cooked, raw chicken contain some bacteria
  • Skin on will enhance the taste of the chicken
    but the skinless chicken is much lower in fat.
  • Use the suitable type of chicken for the right methods
    some type of meat are tougher then others. Normally there
    are suggestions on the packages.If it doesn't have one,
    ask your butcher.
  • keep Chicken bones to make stock seal the jar tightly
    keep up to a month in the refrigerator

Chicken recipes

Steamed chicken with blue cheese
Steam chicken Cantonese Style

Chicken Congee
Chicken Cranberry Sandwishes
Chicken wings in Red Sauce
Chicken with fresh chili
Quick Fried Chicken
Chicken rice bowl
Chicken green curry
Teriyaki chicken
Thai chicken rice
Thai curry rice