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Quick and easy fried tofu recipe

This fried tofu recipe is great for appetizer.
It's easy and pretty yummy.Tofu or bean curd is made
from soy milk in the similar way of cheese that is
made out of milk.

Here are some facts about tofu

  • Low in calories
  • Zero cholesterol
  • High in calcium and magnesium
  • Tofu is a good substitute for meats
    as it Contains high protein.
  • Soy protein in tofu may reduce
    the risk of heart disease.

Pretty healthy isn't it. Anyway the sour smell from
tofu means it's spoiled and shouldn't be used.
So don't forget to Store the tofu in the refrigerator and
change the water coming with tofu daily

Deep Fried Tofu with
Sweet chili sauce


  • 2 blocks of Medium Firm Tofu
  • Oil for deep fry
  • Sweet chili sauce
  • 2 tablespoons of crushed roast peanuts


1 Dice the tofu into around 2 cm squares
Heat up the oil to around 180ºC

2 Do the test by dropping a small portion of tofu,
then fry Tofu in the oil for around 2 minutes. Don't put
too much at once, try to keep the temperature at 180ºC.

3 Drain the fried Tofu on the kitchen paper and
transfer to the dish.

Serve with sweet chili sauce mix with crushed roast peanuts.

Serve 2

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