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Mini Onigiri recipe
(Japanese rice balls)

An incredible Onigiri recipe that is good
for your health and someone you love!

rice balls

This Japanese rice balls or Onigiri recipe is
the smaller version of the original Onigiri
Normally people would make this in to bigger
triangle or oval shapes. Then wrap them up
in Seaweed.

However our Oni-giri recipe is suitable
for a starter and between meals snack

A brief history of Oni-giri

The origin of Onigiri dated back
as far as before the 8th century AD.
Back before the common use of chopsticks,
the Japaneses often roll the rice into a ball
so it was easy to pick up.

However the use of seaweed only became widespread
around 18th Century. Up until now the Oni-giri is still
a common and popular snack in Japan.

Easy Mini Japanese Rice balls


  • 500 g of cooked Japanese rice or short grain rice
    (Medium grain will do if you can not find others)
  • 2 pickle cucumbers (medium size) diced into small cube around 5 mm.
  • 4 Tablespoons of Furikake (Japanese rice sprinkle)
  • 4 sheet of large Nori Seaweed sliced into about 2 by 4 cm rectangles


1 Clean your hands well.
Wet your hands in the water to prevent the rice sticking.

wet your hand

2 Pick up the rice with one hand and gently make it into a small ball shape.

make a small ball

3 Place a diced pickle on the rice ball and press it deep into the ball.
Cover the gap by pressing the rice together and resume the ball shape.

place the pickle inside

4 Roughly roll the rice ball onto the Furikake.

roll with furikake

5 Wrap the seaweed around the rice ball then gently use both hands to adhere the seaweed with the rice ball.

Wrap seaweed aroundadhere seaweed 1 adhere seaweed 2

Continue to use up all the rice, It'd roughly be around 25-30 balls
Serve as a starter or a quick snack. Children love it!

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